Utila Coral Restoration Internship


The Utila Coral Restoration Project now offers the opportunity to join the team and work with our team of scientists and conservationists, through our coral internships, as we strive to ensure the health and future of Utila’s reefs.

What will you be doing?

Spending 4 weeks with our coral restoration lead scientists learning about coral restoration methodologies, providing regular maintenance to both our nursery sites, helping to outplant corals back onto the reef and monitoring these outplanted corals and monitoring the reef for signs of health

The Utila coral internship does not require that you have a scientific background but it does require you have the desire to learn and participate in scientific research. We are looking for individuals who are curious to learn, have the motivation to work hard and be a part of something big!

What’s included?

  • 4 PADI Distinctive Specialties

  • 45 Total Dives

  • All equipment rental, taxes and certification fees.

  • Donation to the Utila Coral Restoration Project

What are the requirements? 

  • PADI AOW (or Equivalent)

  • 20 Logged Dives

  • At least 2 Weeks Availability

  • 18 years +

  • Complete a medical examination prior to start of the program and be cleared by a physician.

Utila Coral Internship
Coral Nursery Internships Utila


2 Week Internship


(Optional Add-On: 2 Meals a Day and Accommodation & Transfers for $600)

If you wish to extend your internship for longer than 4 weeks, you can!

If you’d like to sign up for the Utila Coral Restoration Internship contact us today!


Programs are scheduled regularly but spaces are limited so book your spot today!


Utila Dive Center

Utila Dive Center is the proud founding partner for the Utila Coral Restoration project. UDC is one of the first dive centers, established on Utila in 1991. Currently recognized as one of the most awarded PADI Career Development Centers worldwide. UDC has always been celebrated for its many contributions to environmental causes.  From Project AWARE to CoralWatch, there are many organizations that UDC partners with as it is a crucial component of the values that make up this organization.