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The Utila Coral Restoration project is a conservation and research project which aims to restore the Caribbean reefs around Utila, Honduras and to recover the critically endangered populations of both Acropora cervicornis (Staghorn Coral) and Acropora palmata (Elkhorn Coral) species. Our Utila conservation project is focusing on restoration efforts of these species, community-wide education, as well as ongoing research on the reefs of the area to compare throughout the Caribbean.

Using proven and reliable coral restoration techniques, as used elsewhere in the Caribbean with successful results,  we aim to collect data that can be utilized by governments and NGO’s and to also provide support and logistics for scientific researchers. 

Through community outreach we will also raise local awareness in schools and commerce sectors, and provide educational and training opportunities for the community of Utila, particularly school children and students, to learn more about environment protection and sustainable tourism practices. 


One of the goals of this Utila conservation project is the implementation of successful coral nursery and reef restoration techniques, which we hope will improve the live coral coverage on Utila.  

We have written and had approved, several ‘Professional Association of Diving Instructors’ (PADI) specialty classes that are available for researchers and scuba divers to learn more about our coral nursery and coral reef restoration techniques. 

By raising local educational awareness and improving the health of our coral reefs through local stakeholder involvement, we aim to create a sustainable model that will allow future generations to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of the reefs and aquatic life around Utila and allow a sustainable income for future local scuba diving professionals.

We also aim to provide support for visiting academics, researchers and students, with an interest in marine biology and coral reefs, to contribute to the success of this project and provide benefits to the local community of Utila.  You can read more about our conservation project specialty courses and opportunities for researchers in the ‘educational section’. 

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